Island of Kalanggaman

Kalanggaman Island  I was extremely tanned for weeks because of the island hopping adventure I did with my two good friends, Dr. Joey and Perl. As followers of numerous local and international travel groups on Facebook, I’m used to seeing mesmeric places on my dash but this island really caught my attention and we decided that […]

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My Universal Studios Singapore Experience

   Though I was hesitant at first since I usually travel on a shoestring, it was an ultimate dream of the little girl inside me to visit amusement parks on places that I would go to, I regret not seeing Disneyland in Hong-Kong but at least I could always visit the one in Japan (Fingers […]

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Hong-Kong: Lantau Island & North Point

  Hong-Kong is an ideal place for both business and leisure. It was voted consistently as The Best Business City in Northeast Asia and recently named once again as the most visited in the world for 6 consecutive years now according to Euromonitor’s annual analysis. Furthermore, it holds a great deal of establishments not only for globally […]

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