Hong-Kong: Lantau Island & North Point


Hong-Kong is an ideal place for both business and leisure. It was voted consistently as The Best Business City in Northeast Asia and recently named once again as the most visited in the world for 6 consecutive years now according to Euromonitor’s annual analysis. Furthermore, it holds a great deal of establishments not only for globally renowned corporations but also amusement parks, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. You’ll never get bored of this place as it has so much to offer.
I believe that my itinerary helped me so much to have a fulfilled vacation in Hong-Kong in a very limited time of three days, let me share to you where I went and what I did on the first day.



Tung Chung

How to Get There: Via S1 Bus or MTR (Airport Expres to Tung Chung) Buy Octopus Card at the airport and you could use it for both bus and train. I started my Hong-Kong adventure in Lantau Island and did my hotel check in later that day, I have to thank my colleague who informed me that there’s a luggage counter in Citygate outlets in Tung Chung, where I left my bag and had my breakfast.


Ngong Ping 360º 

The cable car station or more known as Ngong Ping 360º is in Tung Chung as well, these cable cars are heading to Ngong Ping Village where the big Buddha is situated. You have two options for the cable car, either you hop in the crystal one which gives you glass floor adding a bit of a thrill to the ride or the standard one which I availed as it was obviously cheaper.

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 In addition, you either buy a 2-way ticket or 1-way, I picked the latter and just took the bus going back to Tung Chung which also gave me a magnificent view of Lantau Island’s natural beauty. Another thing is you’d be riding with seven other people and don’t worry as you could always pay extra for the exclusivity of the lift.

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The ride going to Ngong Ping Village was approximately 30 minutes, prepare your cameras as you would spot a lot of IG-worthy vistas in the middle of the ride. Nearing the village, the Big Buddha would already be visible as well.
Quick Tip: Buy your tickets online so you don’t need to fall in line. WARNING: Long Line especially during the weekend.



Ngong Ping Village

At the end of the cable car ride is Ngong Ping Village. This place holds the giant Buddha, a breathtaking monastery, wisdom path and couple of souvenir shops and local eateries. Having Po Lin Monastery and the humongous bronze Buddha, this village is a place for faith and prayers. The big outdoor Buddha statue is believed to be symbolizing stability, prosperity and peace. Being one of Hong-Hong’s well-known tourist spots, expect a good number of people piling up and taking photos.



Lantau Island



 After almost four hours in Ngong-Ping, it was time to go back to Citygate and ride a train to North Point. I adored every second of my bus ride back to Tung Chung, the freezing breeze hitting me hard on the face, the zigzag pathway that gave me a great scenic picture of Lantau. The alternating views of mountains and the bay, and few people biking and fishing, this place is the opposite version of Hong-Kong’s highly urbanized persona.



North Point is at the Northeast side of Hong-Kong Island, just between Quarry Bay and Causeway Bay. Best way to get in and out of this area is through train. My hotel, Newton Inn is in Chun Yeung, a busy street that is also a wet market. And not too far is the King’s Road where the train station could be found.

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Why did I choose North Point? I wanted to stay in an actual hotel with a wider room and better facilities but still on a shoestring which I couldn’t find in Jordan, Kowloon and Tsim Sha Tsui area for most of the accommodations there that matches my budget are hostels. I knew I made the right decision when I saw the scenery from my room’s window, I was staying on the 27th floor of Newton Inn Hotel giving me a fascinating view of Kowloon Bay and few of Hong-Kong’s skyscrapers. It was even more breathtaking at night, when the buildings at the other side of the bay are starting to light up, and ferries crossing back and fort of the bay were becoming more visible as well.


King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong Island.

I spent the rest of my night walking around North Point, and decided to try Tulsi, it is an Indian restaurant, just few meters away from the MTR station, the place was full when I got there, but luckily able to get a table after several minutes. The interior is Indian inspired, very cozy and intimate.



After having dinner, I walked back to Newton and rested as I needed to wake up early the following day. That’s the thing when you have short stay in a particular country, you won’t have enough time to just sit or sleep. It is more of discovering new places and making the most out of your trip. It would be tiring, but imagine every experience you’re gaining.


Go visit Hong-Kong as it is for everyone, for those who have already seen it, how was your first day in Hong-Kong? 🙂

Hey! I’m Elaine, a Philippine local whose passion is to travel and explore places. So far, this passion has taken me to different South East Asian countries. My regular job is at a clinic in Manila, working as a Corporate Nurse. I’m also trying to engage myself in different other jobs now, related to writing and photography.
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