My Universal Studios Singapore Experience


Though I was hesitant at first since I usually travel on a shoestring, it was an ultimate dream of the little girl inside me to visit amusement parks on places that I would go to, I regret not seeing Disneyland in Hong-Kong but at least I could always visit the one in Japan (Fingers crossed). I don’t want to make same mistake in Singapore so went to experience Universal Studios.

How to Get There

The well-visited amusement park is located in the island of Sentosa.

Via Bus From where my hotel is located, I needed to ride bus #80 or #100 (as instructed by the hotel staff), go down in VivoCity Mall and ride the Sentosa Express train to the first stop which is Universal Studios.
Via Train- Go to Harbour Front station and go to VivoCity Mall


It cost me S$74 for a 1 day pass. They also offer Universal Express ticket which is a special access to a shorter line before each ride, I didn’t avail this one so my patience were really tested :p Ticket price for children is S$54 and S$58 for senior citizens. 

Universal Studios- Singapore

Universal Studios – Sentosa has now Seven Zones that the kids and kids at heart would surely enjoy – Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and lastly, Madagascar, so try to go there early so you’d be able to experience everything in one whole (tiring but fun) day.
The popular, most pictured Universal Studios fountain is located outside the actual amusement park, not too far from it are the ticket booths, souvenir shops and few restaurants. No need to rush as there are more shops inside specifically located at every USS zones.

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-Hollywood & New York-

If you’re a big movie geek like I am and always been interested on how they do it in Hollywood, don’t miss out Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, which is an attraction located in the New York zone. Most of the dance and song numbers happen in this zone. 
Shows and Attractions: Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, Fireworks and Dance Shows


-Far Far Away-

I felt like I was Cinderella when I was in this zone. Quick story, when I was in Disneyland Hong-Kong (I didn’t go inside) I saw this cute couple who were about to ride the train, the lady was wearing a blue ball gown and her beau was also in a fashionable button down and pants. It wasn’t crazy looking, I adored it so much.
Rides: Enchanted Airways, Puss in Boots Giant Journey



They have the indoor river boat ride which I really enjoyed. Not sure how shallow am I as an adult, but this made me happy as well, especially the surprise at the end of the boat ride.
Rides: Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, Madagascar Carousel

-Sci-Fi City-

The first ride I did was the transformers, and also the longest line I have experienced, imagine waiting in line for almost 2 hours for a 10-minute ride. If you have extra, just avail the Universal Express so that you could avoid such thing. Also in this zone is one of the most famous attractions in USS which is Battlestar Galactica, that I didn’t have the guts to try :p
Rides: Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cyclon, Accelerator, and Transformers The Ride

-Lost World-

There are several Jurassic Park inspired rides inside USS, one is the Canopy Flyer that made me really terrified, and the Rapids adventure which is a water ride and shared by 9 people. In addition is Dino Soarin which is more of a kiddie ride but I also did enjoy. 
Rides and Attractions: Canopy Flyer, Rapids Adventure, Dino Soarin, Amber Rock Climb

-Ancient Egypt-

One of my favourite spots inside the USS, It’s been a dream of mine to visit Jordan and Egypt, we grew up watching a lot of Egyptian inspired movies so witnessing all of these in flesh was truly amazing.
Rides:  Revenge of the Mummy

-Where to Eat-

As part of the park’s rules and regulations, it is not allowed to bring food inside but don’t fret as they have provided a lot of food halls, cafes and refreshment stalls.
I was able to try the Mel’s Diner that has a really vintage and New Yorky ambiance, it’s like the furniture and decors were pulled out directly from the Diner Dash game and the food was also great, I ordered their double patty burger with cheese fries on the side and soda. They do have vegetarian burgers as well.
If you can’t find anything you want to dig in inside, you could always go eat outside and just have yourself stamped. There are various cafes and restaurants within the Resorts World Sentosa vicinity. 

-WaterWorld Show-

When you think your day in USS is done, hang on and wait for the WaterWorld show that normally happens around 4pm. This is probably one of the highlights of my stay. If you want more thrill, go bring extra clothes, umbrella, rain coats and stay near the water arena.

-Tips from a first timer-

♡ Locker  You might need to rent a locker for your belongings, and you need to pay for it, there are rides and attractions that you’re not allowed to bring in your stuff, if no one could watch over your things, you have no other option but to rent a locker.
 Be Early- Be there early! I think I arrived around 11 AM on a Wednesday, but there are already a lot of people lining up
♡ Bring Extra Clothes Bring extra clothes, some rides and attractions might get you wet or worse, soaked. Raincoat and umbrella are also big help.
♡ Keep Yourself & Your Kids Hydrated- Hydration is important, it is an open area and Singapore is a pretty humid country, keep yourself hydrated at all times.
♡ Be Prepared to Line Up- Lines, lines and lines everywhere!


Despite the long lines and the weather, my entire USS experience was awesome. I was dead tired at the end of the day but it was worth it.  <3


What’s your favourite Amusement Park? Are you also a kid at <3 ?

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